A Farewell to All

Hello fellow bloggers, and my friends over the internet. So sadly school is coming to an end, meaning I will not be posting anymore throughout the summer. Now I may start this blog back up next year or anytime I come up with a new writing that I want to share, but it will not be a regular thing. Although it is terribly difficult to say goodbye, the time has come, and i must do it. The time I spent blogging this year was so great and I can confidently say I learned so much while writing, and while reading others blogs! Thank you so much for that by the way! I hope to see this blog up and running again sometime in the near future, but until that day actually arrives I must go. So goodbye for now my fellow readers, I love you all!♥


Fraction of my mind

Washing the memories away.

Trying To re embellish my mind.

You took my happy,

transformed it into painful ignorance.

Hoping for peace,

a sense of serenity to calm my thoughts.

You took my light,

transformed it into darkness.

Showing up in my eyes.


entering my life once again.

Toxic, dangerous, fearful friendships.

Leading me joy, then stealing all hope.

Releasing your presence, but you are already gone.

Standing in chaos, finally realizing,

I am okay.

This poem was inspired by I’m Lost a great poem by a great blogger!!



When I open the door I see… a sparkling blue ocean as far as my eyes could see. A little wooden boat invites me in and sails me across to a spot of deserted land. After a few glances I realize that I am the only person on this land. A heavenly white horse rushes to my aid that seems oddly familiar, I think back to the horse i had as a little girl. He had the same heavenly white hair and blue eyes as bright as the ocean, it was now that I realize, this is my horse

just a fun little story based off of a daily prompt!!:)


New Chances, New Memories

“New Chances, New Memories,” is the first episode of screen plays based off of my short “Old Memories, New Chances.” They both tell the story of a young women who travels the world after loosing her sister to cancer. While traveling the world she meets a Golden Doodle puppy who is actually her sister!


Music I imaging playing:



Flowers swaying in the wind.

Freshly picked grapes at a picnic on a bright summers day…

an innocent butterfly spreading it’s wings.

A swoosh,

low calming rhythms,


Tasting like joy if joy were a flavor,

pure happiness exploding each taste bud.

Violet tastes—sweet.

The feeling of freedom!

Relief, stress free or

nothing… nothing at all

Violet brings both cheerful times and lonely hours


This is a color poem! I chose to write this type of poem because I love the way you incorporate all of your senses into it. I also really like how you can imagine each line and picture what is going on. This particular poem is meant to give more of an abstract message. I wrote it somewhat vague so all of you can create your own mental picture on what it is I’m trying to say.

After learning more about poetry I have found more of a love for it. I used to think it was all about rhyming and mostly for children, nothing like that. Poetry is meant to leave a strong message for people to ponder about. All in all I have learned how to express so much, without even saying a lot, I learned that I actually really enjoy poetry, no that is a lie because I have learned to LOVE poetry!!!

Yours truly,

-xoxo, S

*Taken by just me on April 1st, 2017* (P.s. This picture really has nothing to dio with the poem but I wanted to share it cause it looks so beautiful…lol)

future storms

Walking into new days so blind,

don’t know what time will show

just hoping it will be kind.

The sky falls dark as stars begin to glow,

midnight visions circling above

thoughts of strong winds travel slow.

Speaking out with hate, yet imagining with love

not taking the worries of my future serious

For i know it is something not to think of.



Old Memories New Chances

Standing in my depressing black dress that only came out once every few years. I watched as my friends and family came to pay their respects. I could smell the dozens of flowers lined up in rows behind my grieving self. My lips quivered and tears rolled down my face clearly showing that I was not prepared for this day, the day the cancer would finally defeat my sister. The room was filled with people looking as sad as roses whimpering through the winds in the midnight sky.
“When will this funeral end,” I thought to myself as I was on the verge of having a mental breakdown. I couldn’t handle it anymore, confused, angry, and alone I walked quickly to the exit ignoring anyone in my path. My makeup was running, and my face was soaked with tears. I pushed through the rotted out doors of our church, appalled at Jesus for stealing my sister from me so quickly. I sat down on an old white bench which remained right outside our church for as long as I could remember, reached into my pocket and pulled out a sealed envelope which my sister gave to me just two days before she passed. Finally feeling the courage to open it I tore back the flap and unfolded the crinkled piece of paper, it read;

     Dear Alaina,
Boy it’s been a pretty wild ride, losing dad, and mom being an alcoholic and all. I can’t imagine how tough this has all been on you, practically raising me as your own. You were forced to grow up at such a young age and I cannot thank you enough for that.

I stopped not knowing if I could go on, but pushed through and continued.

For as long as I can remember we had a plan, a plan that when I got better we would leave and travel the world. Well seeing that I am not getting any healthier I decided to take matters into my own hands. Attached is a map (which I researched and put together myself by the way) the map plans out an eight month trip to every spot we talked about going to, I want you to take this map and leave, leave right away to go to every spot I’ll be there with you every step of the way even if you cannot exactly see me!! Oh and Alaina i know how much you love to borrow my clothes without my permission, so now that i am gone, have at it and knock yourself out kiddo!!!
Love ya big sis, Krista♡

I sat completely silent in that bench for an hour after reading that letter. I didn’t really know what to think to be honest, I was confused, in shock, completely angered, humored at the fact she thinks I haven’t already touched her clothes, excited maybe I don’t really know. Finally after all the thinking, I did it I went home packed my bags and left for the airport, not looking back, not thinking about the consequences, just ready to travel.
I walked the busy halls of the airport, holding the map in one hand, the letter in the other, and carrying Kristas unconditional love close beside them. They called my flight number and we began to board person after person loaded into the tightly compacted airplane which was soon to be 2000 feet in the air on it’s way to the Dominican Republic, more specifically the small town of Puerto Plata. It was about a nine hour flight before we touched down and by the time we arrived I was totally ready to explore the world, just me and my baby sister’s spirit, little did I know I would have more than just her spirit.
I was on my way to the hotel I booked for the night when a goldendoodle puppy sprinted out in front of me nearly knocking me right off my feet. I bent down and looked at it’s collar to see where this little guy was from but completely shocked I stood staring as I read “Krista” followed by MY address. Could it be I bent down even further looking straight into her sad blue eyes lying right above her dainty wet nose, she licked my face and I instantly fell in love. Although it wasn’t the puppy i had fallen in love with, it was the idea of her being my sister that I had fallen in love with. Either way I scooped her up adding to the papers, bags, and random items i had acquired from my adventure so far and hugged her as tight as I could.
“I can’t believe this is happening,” I mumbled to myself, still looking into the puppy’s eyes.
“You can’t believe what is happening, are you okay?” asked a young lady walking past me. I was surprised she heard me, for I was not trying to be loud at all.
“Nothing everything is great thanks for asking!” I replied as I watched her disappear into the busy streets of downtown Puerto Plata. Entirely shocked and a little bit confused at what the day brought I rolled my suitcase into the hotel with Krista my sister dog by my side and went to bed. The night passed and that following day Krista my golden doodle and I headed out on our six month long journey all around the world. This was truly a blessing from heaven and I could not wait to make tons more memories with my sister.

Taken by “Just Me” on March 30, 2017 in Saint Thomas USVI!!